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  • Posted in: ASN NutriLink

    Metabolomics can help with nutrient intake, but not caloric.  Digital monitoring and recording with apps may help. ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: ASN NutriLink

    Hi Teresa, Thank you for asking for that distinction - i apologize that my original question was vague on the definition ...

  • Posted in: ASN NutriLink

    Hi Everyone, Are you talking about food waste (like the parts of food that got discarded during processing) or wasted food ...

  • Posted in: ASN NutriLink

    Hi folks. Yep, food waste (and food losses, which are different beasts) are indeed hot topics. If you move forward ...

  • Posted in: ASN NutriLink

    One year from today, the nutrition universe will gather for Nutrition 2018, ASN's new flagship meeting. Designed ...

  • Posted in: ASN NutriLink

    Leah, What a great topic and billboard!  I lived in Germany at the turn of the century. They were collecting food waste--just ...


  • 2016 Impact Factors: ASN Journals Impress

    We are pleased to announce that ASN journals continue to rank among the top publications in the Nutrition & Dietetics category in the newly released Journal Citation Reports® (Source: 2016 Web of Science™ Data):
    - Advances in Nutrition ................................. ... More

  • New Function - Tag people in posts!

    You can now tag someone in your post by using the @ sign, typing at least 3 letters of their first or last name, and choosing from the list of people that pop up. This is especially useful if you know exactly the person that might be able to answer a ... More

  • Get the latest updates for Nutrition 18!

    It's never too early to start thinking about next year's conference, which will be in Boston from June 9-12. Click here to receive the most up-to-date information regarding our flagship independent meeting.

    Be sure ... More

  • Fill out your MentorLink Profile!

    Join the 10 mentees and 30+ mentors who have already signed up! Mentoring relationships can begin at any time and have a default length of 6 months (can be shorter or longer depending on your circumstances).

    Don't hesitate to take this extra step in ... More

  • Links to EB Nutrition Notes Daily

    For anyone who was unable to attend EB or would like a summary of the conference's daily events, please refer to the Nutrition Notes Daily! Links to each day are included below.

    Monday ... More